"The Dark Hobby": The Price Paid to Tank Pretty Fishes

An interview with Robert Wintner about the damage of the Hawai'i aquarium trade.

"The Hawai'i aquarium trade has been catching reef wildlife for U.S. and global hobby tanks for decades with no catch limits, no limit on the number of catchers, and no constraints on rare, endemic or vanishing species. Reef advocates report that fish populations and biodiversity have decreased drasticeally, affecting the hierarchy of marine wildlife, and believe removing fish from their natural habitat should be forbidden."

Psychology Today  •  Oct 01, 2020

DLNR rules all aquarium fishing banned in Hawai'i without environmental review

The state Department of Land and Natural Resources on Tuesday declared all aquarium collections banned in Hawai'i unless an environmental review process is completed.

Star Advertiser  •  Jan 13, 2021

Advocates celebrate aquarium fishing ban

Judge says commercial aquarium collection needs environmental review

“There has been much relief and celebration amongst those who have long fought for this moment,” said Rene Umberger, founder and executive director of For The Fishes, a Kihei-based group that works to restore and protect fish populations and coral reef habitats. “Given the dire impacts of climate change on Hawai'i’s reefs, with the majority of them projected to be lost within the next few decades, this is monumentally important.”

Maui News  •  Jan 15, 2021

Tropical Depression: Your Saltwater Fish Tank May Be Killing the Ocean

Scientists are struggling to raise tropical fish on farms so that fishers who now poison coral reefs to catch them will no longer be needed.

Scientific American  •  Apr 06, 2012

Fish in Tanks? No, Thanks!

Fragile tropical fish, who were born to dwell in the majestic seas and forage among brilliantly colored coral reefs, suffer miserably when they are forced to spend their lives in glass tanks. The same is true of river fish. Robbed of their natural habitats and denied the ability to travel freely, they must swim around endlessly in the same few cubic inches of water.


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