Protecting Kona Fish and Sharks, Endangered Species Day 2022

Endangered Species Day 2022 with Paula Fouce, The Dark Hobby; Robert Wintner, Snorkel Bob's; Kaimi Kaupiko, Milioli'i Village; Deron Verbeck, I am Aquatic, hosted by David McGuire, Shark Stewards

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Wildsound Podcast Interview

Conversation with documentary director Paula Fouce on the making of The Dark Hobby.

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Matthew Toffolo  •  Jan 25, 2022

The Environmental Film Festival

The Dark Hobby was awarded Best Feature Film at the Environmental Film Festival. Here is some audience Feedback from a December 2021 screening.

"An excellent film produced by former Sea Shepherd directors Snorkel Bob, Ben Zuckerman... on the destruction to reef fishes caused by the Aquarium Industry."

- Captain Paul Watson

Sea Shepard Conservation Society

"The Dark Hobby sounds like the name of a horror film with a gruesome murder, gut-wrenching gore, and destruction on a volatile level. Director Paula Fouce’s film is undeniably all of those things, just not in the way you think. Instead, this documentary focuses on the destruction of Hawaii’s precious coral reefs and the cruel practices of the aquarium trade."

- Film Threat

"Once you’ve watched the movie, you’ll never look at a fish tank the same way again."

- Lois Alter Mark

Alliance of Women Film Reviewers

"It turns out that those home aquariums filled with gorgeous fish have a dirty secret: those fish have been dynamited or cyanided from their homes on the world’s reefs, traumatizing them and destroying the fragile eco-system."

- Lois Alter Mark

Alliance of Women Film Reviewers

"Aquariums can be lovely, if you can stand the noise, smell and grim business of cleaning them or dealing with the deaths of the “pets” you confine in them."

- Rogers Movie Nation

Protecting Reef Wildlife by Stopping the Aquarium Trade

Nowadays, when you are snorkeling in the Hawaiian Islands, unless you are in a protected area, you may be faced with the fact that the very marine animals have left the building.

Paula Fouce  •  Oct 13, 2021

"The Dark Hobby, a compelling new documentary film, exposes the ugly truth behind a hobby practiced by so many people globally – the aquarium hobbyist."

-Dominic D.

So. Cal/ City Kids

Video Librarian Review

The documentary The Dark Hobby tells us a lot about a brutal industry that is almost entirely unregulated, and not for want of efforts to get protections written into law.

Tom Keogh  •  May 21, 2021

"The only thing they don’t do, says one activist, is scream out loud the way mammals do. So it’s up to us to scream for them."

- Lois Alter Mark

Alliance of Women Film Reviewers

Interview - Kids First Coming Attractions

Click here for Dominic D.'s interview with Robert Wintner!

Kids First Coming Attractions  •  May 16, 2021

The Dark Hobby Review

This insightful film offers informative first-hand accounts from experts and concerned citizens about the global operations of aquarium trafficking.

Common Sense Media  •  May 20, 2021

Linda Cook review: ‘Dark Hobby’ doc looks at endangered reefs, fish in crisis

“The Dark Hobby” is a fascinating expose of a real crisis – one you may never have considered.

Our Quad Cities  •  May 20, 2021

The Dark Hobby: Speaking Up for the Endangered

Just because Hawaii has protected its underseas reefs, sand, and rocks from pilferage, the state has taken a totally opposite approach to protect the sea life that does most of the work to keep its reefs from dying.

Filmint  •  May 17, 2021

THE DARK HOBBY – Review by Lois Alter Mark

Paula Fouce’s powerful documentary, The Dark Hobby, literally goes below the surface to explore the world of aquarium collectors.

Alliance of Women Film Journalists  •  May 20, 2021

Documentary Review: “The Dark Hobby” shows

how your aquarium is killing the reefs, the oceans

and the planet

The warm, inviting glow of that pricey tank in our homes or our favorite sea food restaurants can be a living, bubbling conversation piece.

Roger's Movie Nation  •  May 19, 2021

Coming Soon: “The Dark Hobby”

Paula Fouce’s “The Dark Hobby” premieres on May 22

Harsh Light News  •  Apr 27, 2021

The Dark Hobby

The Dark Hobby sounds like the name of a horror film with a gruesome murder, gut-wrenching gore, and destruction on a volatile level. Director Paula Fouce’s film is undeniably all of those things, just not in the way you


Film Threat  •  May 14, 2021

"The Dark Hobby": The Price Paid to Tank Pretty


An interview with Robert Wintner about the damage of the Hawai'i

aquarium trade.

"The Hawai'i aquarium trade has been catching reef wildlife for U.S. and global hobby tanks for decades with no catch limits, no limit on the number of catchers, and no constraints on rare, endemic or vanishing species. Reef advocates report that fish populations and biodiversity have decreased drasticeally, affecting the hierarchy of marine wildlife, and believe removing fish from their natural habitat should be forbidden."

Psychology Today  •  Oct 01, 2020

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