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Hello Respect for Fish Day Allies,


Thank you for making this year’s Respect for Fish Day a huge success!


Please watch and share the recorded panels below:


How Documentaries Inspire Ocean Conservation


The Dark Hobby: Respect for Fish Essential Actions


Please distribute these aquarium trade factsheets to spread awareness about the deadly aquarium trade.


 We also hosted a protest with Stop SeaQuest Woodbridge to denounce the ongoing animal welfare violations occurring at SeaQuest locations nationwide. Learn more and take action here.


Nearly 7,000 people have also signed our Petco alert to urge the retailer to stop the online sale and shipment of fish. Fish sent through the mail suffer from the effects of suffocation, toxic water, starvation, temperature extremes, and rough handling, with significant numbers of these fish arriving dead or dying shortly thereafter.


Thank you for participating in Respect for Fish Day. We truly appreciate your support and look forward to teaming up with you next year!

The Dark Hobby

All The Pretty Fishes and the Price Paid to Tank Them


The Dark Hobby is an expose of the devastation to species and reefs caused by the aquarium trade. This adventurous saga follows a band of Hawaiian Elders, conservationists and scientists who stop at nothing to protect marine wildlife. They file a lawsuit against the State of Hawai'i to halt the collection of reef creatures, a fight that goes all the way to the Supreme Court.


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