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The Dark Hobby

All The Pretty Fishes and the Price Paid to Tank Them


The Dark Hobby is an expose of the devastation to species and reefs caused by the aquarium trade. This adventurous saga follows a band of Hawaiian Elders, conservationists and scientists who stop at nothing to protect marine wildlife. They file a lawsuit against the State of Hawai'i to halt the collection of reef creatures, a fight that goes all the way to the Supreme Court.


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© Snorkel Bob/Robert Wintner

"An excellent film produced by former Sea Shepherd directors Snorkel Bob, Ben Zuckerman... on the destruction to reef fishes caused by the Aquarium Industry."

- Captain Paul Watson

Sea Shepard Conservation Society

"The Dark Hobby is an important film that exposes a lucrative trade that is threatening some of our most biodiverse marine ecosystems."

- Oceanic Preservation Society

"The Dark Hobby sounds like the name of a horror film with a gruesome murder, gut-wrenching gore, and destruction on a volatile level. Director Paula Fouce’s film is undeniably all of those things, just not in the way you think. Instead, this documentary focuses on the destruction of Hawaii’s precious coral reefs and the cruel practices of the aquarium trade."

- Film Threat

"Aquariums can be lovely, if you can stand the noise, smell and grim business of cleaning them or dealing with the deaths of the “pets” you confine in them."

- Rogers Movie Nation

"The colorful fish in your home aquarium come at a heavy price to the environment."

- SF Weekly

Nick Vernonin

"It turns out that those home aquariums filled with gorgeous fish have a dirty secret: those fish have been dynamited or cyanided from their homes on the world’s reefs, traumatizing them and destroying the fragile eco-system."

- Lois Alter Mark

Alliance of Women Film Reviewers

"Once you’ve watched the movie, you’ll never look at a fish tank the same way again."

- Lois Alter Mark

Alliance of Women Film Reviewers

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